Parking, Map and Directions

There is plenty of parking available in Downtown Boulder.  You may use the city parking structures located at:

*  15th and Pearl
*  11th and Spruce
*  14th and Walnut (RTD Bus Station)
Broadway and Walnut (Randolph Center)
*  15th and Spruce

Just look for the "P" parking sign as shown to the right for city parking structures throughout downtown.

FREE Parking all day on Weekends!
Parking in Downtown Boulder city parking structures listed above is FREE every Saturday and Sunday all day and night.  Downtown parking meters are also FREE on Sundays

We Validate !!!

The red arrow below points to the school.
1320 Pearl Street Suite 108.
B.S.M. is right across from the Court House between the Falafel King and the Tee Shirt shop.

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