Drum Rhythms
Note: Click on the Drum to view the music page, then click on the
Flashing Speaker to hear the rhythm or fill.

BEGINNER 8th NOTE CYMBAL RHYTHMS - Eighth note cymbal patterns with drums.
BEGINNER 16th NOTE CYMBAL RHYTHMS - Sixteenth note cymbal patterns with drums.
BEGINNER 8th NOTE FLOOR TOM RHYTHMS - Eighth note Tom Tom patterns.
BLUES RHYTHMS - Beginner and intermediate 4/4 Blues patterns with a 12/8 feel.
COMBO RHYTHMS - Combine two 4/4 patterns with different feels.
JAZZ RHYTHMS - Beginner Jazz patterns.
SHUFFLE RHYTHMS - Beginner and intermediate shuffle patterns.
BOSSA NOVA RHYTHMS - Beginner Bossa Nova patterns.
SAMBA RHYTHMS - Beginner and intermediate Samba patterns.
WALTZ RHYTHMS - Beginner Waltz patterns.
6/8 RHYTHMS - Beginner 6/8 patterns.
7/8 RHYTHMS - Beginner 7/8 patterns.
JUNGLE RHYTHM - Beginner Jungle patterns.
DOUBLE BASS DRUM RHYTHMS - Beginner Double Bass patterns and fills.
PARADIDDLE RHYTHMS - Paradiddle patterns for the drum set.
RUSH RHYTHMS - Sixteenth note cymbal/snare combination patterns.
REGGAE RHYTHMS - Beginner and intermediate Reggae patterns.
EIGHT MEASURE PHRASES - An 8 measure phrase containing 2 different rhythms and fills.
FOUR STROKE ROLL APPLICATION EXERCISES - Rhythms with four stroke roll fills.
Drum Fills
BEGINNER 8th NOTE FILLS - Eighth note drum patterns.
BEGINNER 16th NOTE FILLS - Sixteenth note drum patterns.
TRIPLET FILLS - Beginner, intermediate and advanced Triplet drum patterns.